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"Arts projects and programs are not architectural add-ons or fringe niceties. They are an essential part of core design and dramatically affect patient care outcomes. This book makes a major contribution to the developing literature on evidence based environmental design. In addition, it is fun to read and is beautifully illustrated. Hats off to Blair Sadler and Annette Ridenour! They have given us a work that is destined to become a classic in the literature of healthcare."

- from the Foreword by Leland R. Kaiser, Ph.D., Health Futurist

"This deeply important and inspiring book will broaden your horizons and lift your spirits. During the endless debates about reform, it reminds us what we really want from our healthcare system to make it truly patient-centered."

-Donald M. Berwick, President and CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement


"A compelling journey into the healing power of art. A beautiful book physically and in the inspiring story it tells."

-Leonard L. Berry, Ph.D.,
co-author of Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic and Distinguished Professor of Marketing, Mays Business School, Texas A&M University


"Why should you read Transforming the Healthcare Experience through the Arts? For the possibility of saving billions of dollars by not having to sedate children facing MRIs or CAT scans? For the experience of meeting artists such as photographer Jeff Dykehouse, whose portraits of dying children and their families are precious gifts beyond price? Or for its profound insights into what gives our lives their shape and meaning? Whatever your reasons, if you care about health, hospitals, caregivers, and patients, read this book."

-Thomas H. Murray, Ph.D., President and CEO,
The Hastings Center


"In this elegant and inspirational, book, Blair Sadler and Annette Ridenour have shown that it is not only desirable but absolutely essential to bring the Arts and the Sciences together if we are to meet the challenge of designing and developing better healthcare systems. Like all good designers, healthcare improvement leaders and facilitators need to think both-and as scientists and artists. This book will show them what they need to do and how to do it. Above all, it will inspire them to want to go out and do it. Hopefully, the book will also tempt more of our talented artists and designers to want to come and work in partnership with healthcare providers and users to transform the healthcare experience. "

-Paul Bate, Emeritus Professor of Healthcare Management, The Medical School, University College London


"Never has there been a more stunning, inspiring and artistic contribution to the arts in modern healthcare. This book sets a new standard with the use of sound, sight, and environment through its clinical foundation and visionary beauty. Annette Ridenour and Blair Sadler lead the field in bringing a world of harmony to healthcare."

- Don Campbell, author of The Harmony of Health; Music: Physician for Times to Come; and The Mozart Effect®


"The Sadler Awards generously recognize excellence in the arts associated with healthcare. Now Blair Sadler and Annette Ridenour have documented the case for the importance of the full and rich range of the arts in healthcare settings, and they have compiled a fabulous and extensive first-of-its-kind collection of art resources for enlightened healthcare organizations and their design teams. Anyone with a role in health facility décor and design should have this helpful book at their side."

-D. Kirk Hamilton, Co-Editor, Health Environments Research and Design Journal


"This well organized, well written, and beautifully illustrated book merits serious consideration for selection as assigned reading in schools of architecture, design, medicine, nursing, and healthcare administration. Congratulations to Blair Sadler and Annette Ridenour for providing this valuable contribution that can help improve the healthcare experiences of so many around the world."

-from the Afterword by Roger S. Ulrich, Professor of Architecture, Texas A&M University, and faculty fellow of the Center for Health Systems & Design


"Even Hippocrates understood the power of the arts to promote comfort and healing. Ridenour and Sadler¹s book is an indispensable compendium of wonderful ideas and resources to assist healthcare organizations in successfully planning and implementing transformative arts programs. It is a must-have! "

-Susan B. Frampton, Ph.D., President, Planetree